Etsy Community Market Canberra

Posted on by Rhapsody Design

Meet your favourite Australian makers, designers, artists and curators in person on July 29 at the Etsy Community Market powered by Square. Taking place in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide... these markets are a chance to get out and about in winter, to connect with local Etsy talent and to buy unique goods.

Although I am not super savvy enough to set up a shop for shoppers to shop with me on Etsy. I am a regular customer and general groupie of the online marketplace for creative creators, sooooo they let me sneak in when they extended the event at Exhibition Park in Canberra to a second day, that's right partay people, it's on Sunday July 30 from 9am-3pm as well now - YAY!


NOT A TOY @ Old Bus Depot Markets this Bling Sunday

Posted on by Rhapsody Design

With only 41 sleeps until Christmas, get your shop on at Old Bus Depot Markets this weekend... Discover something made with love and care for your nearest and dearest this silly season whilst supporting local small businesses. You will find something for everyone on that list, whether they have been naughty or nice!

NOT A TOY @ Old Bus Depot Markets for Bling Sunday

Posted on by Rhapsody Design

There's going to be a new oldie at Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston this weekend... Rhapsody Design used to be a monthly stallholder five years back and now it's NOT A TOY's time to shine at their Bling Sunday event.

You can also catch my creative gal pals Wombat and Poss, JAC Studios and Sovata there. Shop local, shop handmade!